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Discount 15% for groups with 3 or more persons.

Guided E-Bike Tours in the Historical Center of Athens

Historic Athens Views of the City Tour by e-Bike.

An enjoyable 3 hours ride, seeing the sights whilst cruising effortlessly with our e-bikes around the best places in Athens.

Climbing the hill of the Nymphs, there is time to stop and
take in the amazing views of the Acropolis, before rolling
downhill to AerusPagus and the ancient Odeon of Herodes
Atticus. From here, we continue through the Dionysiou
Aeropagitou Street passing the theatre of Dionysos and New
Museum of Acropolis.

We’ll have time for further stops at the Temple of Olympian
Zeus, Handrian’s Arch, the Evzones presidential guard and
Parliament, so you may experience these impressive features
of the city. There will be plenty of opportunities for pictures
and to absorb the culture Athens has to offer.

The tour also includes the National Gardens, whilst we head
towards the Presidential Mansion and Panathenaic Stadium.
On the return route, the tour cuts a path through the
gorgeous Plaka and Aerides districts, where you’ll discover
the Tower of the Winds and and the remains of the Ancient
and Roman Agora.

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