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Why You Need to Do an E-Bike Tour Through Historic Athens

Why You Need to Do an E-Bike Tour Through Historic Athens

Zooming through Athens’ historical center by e-bike should be a bucket list essential for every visitor to Greece’s magnificent capital. Exploring the city using an e-bike is the absolute best way to get a feel of the local life, spot major attractions, and enjoy the city to the fullest. So, why see Historic Athens on a guided e-bike tour?

See the Sites Without the Rush

When you use an e-bike, you can cruise leisurely through the city and see many sites in a short amount of time.

No matter whether you’re on a weekend break or a long holiday, our e-bike tour highlights the best of the best in a short amount of time. In just 2 ½ to 3 hours, you’ll make your way around the historical center witnessing impressive views of the Acropolis and Parthenon, visit the Pnyx, see the Temple of Olympian Zeus, Handrian’s Arch, and much more. It’s an experience only our historical center tour can offer.

 Explore Athens Through its Historical Periods

On this Historic Athens tour, see how Athens has been shaped over the centuries. You’ll witness the architectural evolution and all phases of the city development from the classic period until the 21st century. It’s is a journey through history itself, a tour that only our company can offer.

 Enjoy a Relaxed, Easy-Going Cycle

Away from the traffic, cruise along through plazas, pedestrian areas, bus and bike lanes, so you can feel safe and relaxed during the tour.

 Find Hidden Gems

A bike tour with AthensEcoBikeToursmeans that there’s always a hidden gem on the itinerary. So hidden, even the Athenians don’t know about them.

 Learn About Athens’ Deep History

This tour is more than just spotting the best sites the city has to offer. You’ll also learn a thing or two. That’s because we’ve carefully researched Athens’ history so you don’t have to.

With 9 different languages available, our audio guide will fill you in on all the interesting historical facts and details throughout your journey.

Learn more about our Athens’ historical center tour here.

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