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Discount 15% for groups with 3 or more persons.


What is an e-Bike?

Much like a traditional bicycle, an e-Bike has pedals and handle bars, but also includes an option for an electronic boost to move forward. Especially useful for steep gradients or hills, the bikes are very reliable and simple to use. It’s as easy as riding a bike!

 Who can use the e-Bikes?

If you can ride a traditional bicycle, you can ride an electric bike! With a helpful step by step explanation of how it works and how to use it, you’ll pick it up in no time. You have the chance to test drive it and get comfortable before setting off. The bikes can carry up to 120kg or 260lbs.

 Are the bike tours safe?

Safety is a number one priority. We keep tours to manageable numbers, with extra tour guides if necessary. We also provide a helmet and recommend wearing it, although it’s not legally required. You’ll receive a safety briefing at the beginning of the tour and obey all of the guides instructions, especially for the parts of the tour that are on a road with traffic.

Which languages are available?

Our primary language is English, but we can also arrange for tours to be delivered in Dutch, French, German and Spanish, with others upon request and with good notice.

What size are your tour groups?

We carefully manage tour group numbers to keep them small and within a certain size, so that all participants receive a quality tour and the guide can ensure safety is maintained

Do you commentate your tours?

Our Bike tours are sight-seeing focused, as Greek-law requires licensed tour guides for in depth history detail – which can be arranged at a cost. Alternatively, we offer free of charge, GPS-Guided audio tour, Delivered in (9 Languages).

What about adverse weather?

We rarely seen rain in Athens, but if we do, we can provide a waterproof accessory like a poncho, so we can continue with the tour. If the weather is heavy rain and/or strong storm conditions, we will likely opt to reschedule the tour. If your schedule does not allow for that, a refund will be possible.

What about children?

Children from 10 years and above are permitted to ride their own e-bike, whilst accompanied by an adult, as long as they meet the height requirement of 1.5m.

Small children from 4-9 years can utilize boost seats or be hooked behind the adult’s e-Bike.

Infants or babies under 2 years old, are able to sit on baby seats on the rear of the adult’s e-Bike.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

We do not provide refunds for booking where the participant missed the tour without notice. It may be possible to reschedule a booking with some notice before the tour begins, but this is subject to availability. The better the notice the better the chance of a suitable alternative tour booking.

We operate in light-moderate rain conditions, with ponchos or rainwear to keep you dry. If it rains within 2 hours of your tour beginning, you may opt to re-arrange your booking.

To completely cancel your booking in advance, we offer a tiered refund policy, determined by the notice provided to us before the tour booking.

Up to 48 hours – 0% refund
Up to 7 days – 50% refund
Up to 14 days – 75% refund
More than 14 days – 100% refund


Can I hire the e-Bike separate to the tour?

We do not provide standalone hire of our bikes.

At which point do we make payment?

Full payment is due at the point of booking. We accept VISA, Mastercard and Amex via our website.

Where do we meet?

Our office is at Iraklidon 5, Thission 11851, Athens. We can arrange to pick you up from your hotel with prior notice, for an extra fee.

Where do I collect my eBike?

Bikes are stored at our offices by Thiseio station for a safety briefing and test ride before the tour begins.

What’s included in the booking?

Are your offices close to the port of Piraeus?

We are situated close enough for you to walk from the port to our office, well within an hour, in case you are arriving from a cruise.

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