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Discount 15% for groups with 3 or more persons.

Carrier Fitting Child Seat For Rent

  • Applicable  For Infants up to 2 years Old
  • Booking in Advance is Required
  • Under the discretion and responsibility of the parents

The carrier fitting child seat is an ideal way for you and your child to enjoy cycling together. The child seat is easy to fit onto most rear cycle carriers and is packed with features to ensure your child’s safety and comfort.

• 3 point harness secures your child safely and the adjustable footrests are designed to give maximum flexibility as your child grows.
• Suitable for child’s weight 9kg to 22kg
• Complies with EN14344 child seat safety standard
• Seat weight 2.32kg
• Seat dimensions: width 398mm x height 756mm x depth 344mm
• Extra security belt
• Large footrests for protection and retention
• Ergonomic shape for helmet use
• Adjustable footrest in 4 positions
• 3 positioning options for the child seat
• 1 rear reflective safety sticker
• Pannier rack sold separately

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